The Campaign To End Scammy Lottery Systems

no more lottery scamsWe all know deep down that most of these shiny lottery systems we come across on the web are complete rubbish.

Of course we know it, but we still buy them.

And that’s the problem.

Don’t do it. Don’t be the one to say “oh, it’s not that expensive, I’ll give it a shot”. Instead, check for reviews, read the claims thoroughly, ask the seller some tough questions. Don’t just accept garbage – it only encourages more of it!

Look out for fake testimonials where photos have just been stolen from other websites – particularly people holding winners cheques as they are most likely just nicked off the lottery companies website. Look out for over the top hyped up claims that don’t really mean anything. Look out for people selling complicated, sciencey, or heavy maths as if they are magic secrets.

Lottery games don’t follow some mystical, magical sequence that once you uncover the secret you can reap the rewards forever. So don’t believe that hype.

But that all said. Yes there are some useful systems, books and software programs available. And that’s what this site is about. I want to point you in the direction of the good and the decent. And away from the scammy hype merchants who just want to empty your wallet into their.

More goodness coming your way very soon.