Dig Deep For The Real Reviews

Examining lottery systemsIf you’ve tried hunting online for good information about playing the lottery, then you already know the very definition of frustration 🙂

There is a vast amount of information out there, but it’s all so contradictory and confusing. Everyone is an expert yet hardly anybody agrees on which approaches to playing the lottery work and which don’t. You would think for something so heavily steeped in maths, science and sheer engineering that the answers would all be very scientific. Not a bit of it. Try asking in a lottery forum and you’ll get bombarded with advice that will simply leave you even more confused than before.

This is not because people are unhelpful online, it’s simply because lottery players seem to come up with their own theories and end up very emotionally attached to them. If you criticise their theory, they take it personally and get very defensive. Discussions often dissolve into statements of “well it works for me” or even the very teenage “you just don’t understand”.

What you really want then is two things. Someone to explain the fundamentals clearly (good luck with that one), and reviews that are actually in-depth enough to help you make up your own mind. That is trickier to find than you might think. Sites like RivRapp (on Twitter here) on the one hand do very detailed reviews (although they need to do a lot more of them), whereas on the other hand go searching for a specific system or method and you’ll find dozens if not hundreds of shallow throwaway reviews written by people who clearly have no experience of the actual system at all. It takes a lot of effort to write reviews of lottery systems like this if you do it properly, but hey, everybody wants to be a critic but nobody wants to put in the real effort.

My final note therefore, and a mild warning, is not to take a review at face value. Really do actually read it. See if there is enough information there that shows you that the reviewer bought that lottery system, read the book, used the software and actually knows what they are talking about. Then decide if what they say about it makes sense from what you already know. Then, and only then, decide if it’s something you want to buy. The Campaign To End Scammy Lottery Systems is here.